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started back to work

Well... it's been over a year that I've been on various leaves from work... stress leave, sick leave, family leave, parental leave... my old job position got discontinued for the new budget year, and two new positions were created to take my place. I'm not sure if my employer had me in mind for any of the future positions, but I found better employment elsewhere, and I hope they get someone who does a decent job of replacing me.

I'm working at Chief Atahm School, the Secwepemc immersion program on my reserve. I will be managing their technical needs, as well as heading up some creative projects, and providing technical backup on other projects. I'll be continuing Battle Galaxy, and a couple website projects, as well as helping out with a puppet tv show show that they have been working on. It is basically my dream job, except the pay is ok enough to live on(almost), but we're not going to get rich with it. Not sure what I'm going to do about that. Maybe my novel writing career will take off, and we'll be millionaires.

Well, I have no brainpower to edit this, so if it's poorly written, I will never know. At least spell check keeps me from looking too silly.
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