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Hiring an Assistant for Battle Galaxy

I have reworked the budget to include hiring an assistant for 3 weeks. Sekwaw Matthew will be taking on some of the job of creating materials and textures for the characters, and possibly some of the environmental elements to make them prettier/cooler.

Other than that, I hope she'll have time to help me set up the frames for the final rendering of the animation, and that way I can focus on special effects and sound effects to make it super cool.

I'm struggling to figure out what to do for the music aspect. Some of it should be traditional Secwepemc music, of course, but I'd like some upbeat modern music as well. Which will also have to be in Secwepemctsin.

Later, I'll post a rendering from a possible scene from the starting sequence of episode 1.

I am spending only a little bit of time thinking about the direction of my novel, but what I'm generally thinking so far, is that this first storyline will be background for future novels in the same world. so instead of breaking my story up into a trilogy... I'll just make a gigantic volume... probably a thousand pages or so... of detailed stories of legendary figures from the world. I'm excited... and one day, an amazing idea will evolve to be the novel I am preparing for. That will be an awesome day :D
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