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Day 2 Battle Galaxy

I have reinstalled a fresh system to work on the animation with. so I have a fresh install of Ubuntu, with Blender and Makehuman installed, and I am about to kick ass on this project. I am hoping to have a rough mock of the first episode by the end of the first two weeks, and then work on refining it, and cutting a final draft of the soundtrack for the next 4 weeks.

so, day one and day two have been about setting up the appropriate technology for the project. I'll get to work on setting up keyframes tomorrow. I have a storyboard already divided into shots, so it won't be too hard to figure out what goes where at least.

I am keeping track of my story ideas for the novel, and for the short story series I have started as well, and in my spare time I will be writing them. I have a few edits for the short story I posted at , and hopefully it will make it more readable. the other goal of my rewrites on this story would be to add some humour in the form of smart ass comments made by the main character, and to characterize him in a way that will at once endear him to the reader, and still give the reader an idea that we're not dealing with the nicest and least murderous man on the planet.
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