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taking a break from my novel

I have been writing a novel over the past several weeks, and am having a great time doing it. I feel as though my ideas are fairly original, and I'm executing it pretty well. I think that I would enjoy reading the novel I'm writing, and I think that means it's at least ok.

I have started another blog specifically for promoting my writing, and sharing my progress and also some short stories that I will post there. It is at: </ br>

I am going to have to take about 6 weeks off of my novel in order to finish up a paid job. I'll be animating a script my son and I wrote a couple of years ago. There is finally funding for me to get some work done on it, and I'm excited.

It's about a war between two groups of space ninjas... the evil Nintse Army, and the Miso Maso knights. It is written in my native Secwepemc language, and will be used as material to help children learn, but to make them want to learn as well. I am very very excited about the opportunity I am being given to help bring my nation something they have never had before.

These six weeks will be spent making a rough draft of the animation. I'll be setting up key frames, and dividing the script into the shots that will eventually take place. I will also be cutting the soundtrack, and hopefully I'll be able to help direct the acting as it's recorded; however, that may not be possible, as my star actor lives in Victoria, and I do not have a travelling budget. In fact, the only budget I have is my wages. The school will pay actor honourariums. that's my understanding at any rate... but if I have to ask my actors to work pro bono, I'm sure they would.

I'll put up more information about the show, and how it progresses as I go.

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