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kokopelli website

Today i wasn't feeling as good as yesterday... i woke up with all my muscles sore, and i went right back to bed. got up again around 9, and started working on a kokopelli themed website template. Kokopelli is a sort of fertility symbol from Navajo. anyway, the website looks ok'ish. pretty good i think, but i don't feel satisfied, because it's not a finished product yet, that i can put up on my website template store.
I made 3 boxes of macaroni, and then spilled it in the sink... got so mad i threw the rest of the macaroni and my large pot. broke the pot... made a huge mess. and took me half an hour to calm down. I think i was working too long on the site.

blah blah blah... GF comes tmrw... :( i was so excited she might show up tonight... but :D she's coming... horay! i better make the house all nice for her.
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