Cweth (cweth) wrote,

Wow things are great today

Today i woke up to Linden screaming about the city workers mowing our lawn... and i'm like "they're not mowing our lawn, he just thinks they are" ... but he was right. except the City part lol... my cousin Vance, who mows for the Band Office mowed half my lawn today while he was in the neighbourhood. And he mowed under the picnic table at my beach, and cut down all the shrub, so there'll be sunlight on the sandy part in the afternoons... I mowed the rest of my lawn today as well, so it looks nice'ish. I put in some mulch into my garden to help fill in some of the areas that've been puddling. I'm stoked about my new online template store with nothing in it yet, but it's fully functional, that's what i'm stoked about. The house is cleanish, and i'm going for a sweat tonight. horay!

Linden is coming in the sweat with me today... because he's been talking so much about the Creator lately, and asking all kinds of questions about what the sweatlodge is, and how do we talk to the Creator when we're in there. And does the Creator come in there with us. And what's it like. So i guess it's time to bring my little guy to church... and it's his last chance for a while, since we're taking the Lodge down for a while to rebuild it. Been trying to get a hold of GF just to get her ok on it. I've been going over what Linden is to expect... and most importantly what he has to do if it gets to hot for him, to get out... just what he has to say to me, and how he has to end his prayer. And telling him that it's going to be VERY dark in there... and pretty hot. my brother will take it easy on the steam for a little guy, but he still needs to know it'll be hot so it can get us clean. Anyway, i'm pretty excited about that.

Anyway, not much to say, just that i'm feeling good mainly.
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