Cweth (cweth) wrote,

the world is cooling down

the days finally haven't made me scream with the heat... the last 3 days have been pretty cool here. even 2 days were too cold for swimming :o .My energy levels went back up for a bit... well i can stay awake all day now anyway. But really what i need is enough things to fill my days, and enough reasons to do the filling. Like my drum making business, if it sells things.

I'm pretty excited about my internet stuff now... i finally went ahead and set up a shopping cart that hooks up to paypal, and it was much easier than i expected. I need to find the ideal shoppingcart for me, that agrees with my sensibilities with regard to how a page should be designed, because zencart is done with css instead of tables... which is ok, except i don't design like that normally. One that does templates similar to geeklog would be much better... i can choose to do css or tables how i like.

GF and our friends Qella and Max are coming this weekend, depending on Max's dad's permission. So i haven't told the boy yet, just in case it's not definite.

i had a bit of a nap, but it doesn't seem to have been enough of one :(
but if i have another nap, that'll be two naps :o
i don't know what to do...
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