Cweth (cweth) wrote,

Joined Freecycle and got free daughters

ok the girls are my neices actually, and they got brought by my brother... but in addition to babysitting, i did join the local freecycle. I put in an offer for the 3 Electric stoves littering my yard. And i'm busy the past couple of days sorting through the junk into things i can bag up and put out with the weekly garbage pickup, and things i can bring down to the firepit and burn, and things so large i need someone with a truck to come help me haul it to the dump... and hopefully someone actually will come get those stoves. maybe i should put in a post at the local grocery store board as well. Free: dumpy stoves in my yard.

My Neice AK and the Boy are looking out the window and pretending to see scary animals to try and scare the other... AK is pointing at a spider and saying "BEAR" ... lol... i guess she doesn't know the boy is scared of spiders. They've been all competing recently. Electricity Boy did this... oh yah well my MOM can do THAT lol...
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