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the garden, and some new coffee

So i planted some of the flowers yesterday, and today hopefully i'll plant the rest of my plants... the other flowers, the tomatoes, and the green peppers. I think i'll have some of my plants even survive. The basil doesn't look like it's going to pull through, but some of the other herbs don't look phased in the slightest by the new ground. some of the flowers have lost their flowers, but the lady at the nursery said they'd prbly just grow back. i'm excited to have my own hot peppers. i'd love to learn how to pickle them myself... maybe next year, or a year after. Another thing that i'd like to learn how to do, is create my own seeds for the following year. I know that a lot of seeds have genetically engineered out the ability to reseed, but maybe i can get a garden going independantly.

my Oldest brother and i have been talking about making a large greenhouse, to produce food for the village. perhaps for export as well. I'd like to start up a farmer's market for foodstuffs grown locally to be sold locally. a few decades ago, i'm told, the Indigenous peoples grew most of the vegetables throughout the province. But they made it illegal to buy food off of a Native person. Pretty silly laws they make just to keep us down. My community does produce a lot of its own food through gardens and such, but that's only good during growing season. So i'd like to get a commercial greenhouse started to keep it going through the year.

Another thing i've been thinking of getting started is an environmentally friendly manufacturing plant. No specific products in mind, i figure we'd do commissions from other companies. And one more thing, that might not be exactly in keeping with my own personal life, but that the community would be better to have, is a proffessional butcher and slaugherhouse. As far as i know, a person has to go to town to get services like that.

Yesterday, my son got a little sunburn on his little back :(( ... but it doesn't seem like it's too bad, he only complains about it every once in a while. I hope it heals quickly, and i'll get some sunscreen for him as soon as i can, so

And i raked the beach a little more... it's turning into quite a nice little sandy beach. And i brought my school books down there the other day and did a little reading... maybe i mentioned that in another entry, i dunno. I need to find time everyday for doing my damn schoolwork, or i'll never get it done.

well today i'll plant the rest of my plants, and read a chapter of my school text... and i can call it a productive day... right now i have to play a game of freeciv with my brother.
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