Cweth (cweth) wrote,

not too bad today... not yet anyway...

today was banking day for me... so i went to town and paid my cable/internet/phone bill... which was surprisingly small, much less than i thought it would be. I paid my rent, and did a little shopping. bought some swimming shoes for the Boy, and goggles. Got some batman bandaids just in case, anda beard trimmer... cuz i hate shaving. I did a little yard work at my brother's and acquired a rake and manual lawn mower to do my own lawn... but now i think that i'll hire the neighbour to cut my lawn instead... in fact, i'll go do that after i'm done this post. after it's nicely trimmed it'll be easier to maintain with my manual lawnmower.
I still miss GF like crazy. I don't think i've ever missed anybody more, because i'm anticipating her coming to stay, and just 2 days wasn't long enough... But soon, i'll have her all the time, and things'll be great.
And i took the boy down to the water, and swam a little... which was much fun with his new swimming shoes, and goggles. He wasn't brave enough to put his head underwater, but he tried a few times. Almost made it once, got his nose wet. And i'm warming up to GF's idea of ordering sand.
And the landlord came by a couple times, my cousin, and he got me a little down... he wasn't in good shape.
Oh the neighbour is home now... i'm going to go and check if he'll do the lawn.
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