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What is my Battle Galaxy project?

Battle Galaxy is a 3d animated movie being produced by an Aboriginal language immersion school called Chief Atahm. It has been my project since the beginning, but the progress has been slow due to time constraints on my part, and budget constraints on the school's part.

It was written by myself, and my then 5 year old son. He wanted to draw inspiration from two of his favourite shows, which were Star Wars, and Dragon Ball Z. So the script is reminiscent of Dragonball Z style stories, where the plot is about a very long drawn out battle with a single opponent that takes a long time to resolve. The characters, and universe are like Star Wars. An evil empire is ruling the galaxy, and a band of magic wielding knights are there to fight them. The Teqwilc (which, in Secwemepmctsin, means wizard / priest / spiritual leader) train young warriors in the magical arts, and in wielding laser swords in hopes that their army can defeat the oppression caused by the evil nintse army's occupation.

Target audience is probably about 5-9 year olds.

I have 5 episodes written in English, and one translated into Secwepemctsin already, I have the first episode recorded into a rough soundtrack, and I have all of action storyboarded, and broken down into what keyframes scenes and objects are needed. So i'm ready to place all of the objects and create a rough draft of the animation that will be choppy picture to picture animation, and I'll fill the action in later. Before that, I will cut the final soundtrack, and add sound effects and stuff. Then I'll bring it to funding sources and seek the money I would need to complete the project.

I do own the domain , but I have not posted a website up there yet. When I do, it will probably contain a blog if you want to follow my progress.
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