Cweth (cweth) wrote,

Holy crap it's hot

i'm really struggling to keep my energy levels up with this unrelenting heat. It's not really all that bad... i've noticed that the past couple days it doesn't seem so bad if you're doing things. Even when i went to scorching hot kamloops it wasn't so bad because i was busy. And also, we have the lake to jump in any time it gets unbearable. That's a definite life saver.

GF has been really worried about the heat, because she's used to Vancouver, and more mild climate, but prbly we'll be too busy to notice the heat. making the house and yard nice... and i'm hoping to be finding some work. I've been hoping that for 3 years now tho, and have had only a couple little jobs... so ... GF won't have trouble finding jobs, because she has a skill that everybody needs. My skill only a few people need, and only 12% of those that need it, want it.

oops... i lost focus, and read the little view friends panel on the left column, and now i don't know what i'm saying...

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