Cweth (cweth) wrote,

My Sister's roadtrip van

well i'm down in Burnaby again visiting GF. Probably our last visit with her before she moves up north with us... an event which will hopefully happen sooooon.
My sister came from Alberta to visit, and brought her two little angels. they're sure sweet kids. she stayed at my house... i wasn't a very great host... what with no working stove, and the very dregs of my grocery reserves. but i was able to find beds for them all, which is more than i thought i would have been able to do.
I found a drink that i totally love down at the Gelato shop here in Burnaby, but it's not something they have on their menu, and they've decided to charge me 6.50 for it... which i think is kinda sorta ridiculous... but, ok here's the thing... i looooooove coffee. Coffee is a hot beverage. Summer is not a time when one goes around wanting hot beverages; however i do still want coffee. Some coffee shops have gotten around this problem by developing very nice frozen coffee beverages such as the Frappuccino and other such things... which ALL contain milk, and absurd amounts of seneless sugar. I don't like things that are flavoured with sugar... it's silly, but sugar can be part of a fruity flavour and i can enjoy it... anyway, i'm pretty allergic to milk, on top of being lactose intolerant... so most of these frozen drinks are out of the question, since soy milk doens't work to make them with... now the gelato place made me this wonderful frozen beverage with 3 shots of espresso, and only charged me 4.99 which isn't too terrible a price... today, however, i go back there and they say nope, it's 6.50 now... but it still was enough to kick me in the pants and get my engine going... plus it tasted yummy... so maybe it's worth it. i dunno.
well GF is at work now, i'm feeling kinda down today. I was going to go and wait for her while she did her one appointment, and then we'd all 3 hang out at the park together... but i started feeling sad for no reason, no energy... et cetera. so i cut out, and go get one of those gelato coffees. I'm feeling a little better now... what with 3 shots of espresso in me... now we're trying to get a whole of Linden's friend, and hang out for a few minutes while Opal gets home... then i dunno what... hopefully i won't continue to feel as useless... bah i gtg, i'm not feeling good again.
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