Cweth (cweth) wrote,

the manual lawn mower

well i finally decided to give the manual lawn mower a try yesterday, and it worked out ok'ish. Cut well enough i think. But when i woke up today, oi was i sore. So i got Linden his breakfast and went back to sleep to let my muscles heal a little.

Yesterday we went to Darrin's, and tried finishing the wall for the sweat lodge. we managed to get most of it done, but left one last frame for another day, so in case we needed to feel like we had a productive day another day, we could go out and do that.

Other than that, i planted most of the rest of those flowers, only two plants left unplanted at the moment. We went swimming yesterday, and i weeded the beach a little, and raked it.

I'm really big on writing my updates out of order, and not very big on making sure they make sense.


now i'm taking a break from mowing the lawn to say horray... i found a way to install programs onto my fedora system without having to satisfy the dependencies myself... i'm new to fedora... was a mandrake man till a couple weeks ago, and i'm pretty excited about yum

la la la... that's all
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