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Great days, and cleaning up

The days around here have been sunny sunny and hot. The afternoon heat turns my brain off for several hours, but i jump start it at around 3-4 by jumping in the lake. Today i'm pumping it full of caffeine hoping it'll wake me up.

I did a bunch of gardening yesterday, and my muscles are sore today, and my body wanted to sleep in and recover from it. Or at least that's why i figure i slept in.

I went to the nursery the other day, and bought some plants... 3 hot pepper plants, and 4 yellow pepper plants, and two tomatoes... some Rosemary, mint, chamomile, stivia, and maybe a couple others... and a bunch of flowers as well.

I have a little patch of dirt dug out of the yard now, and most of the weeds and roots dug out of it... my cousin was supposed to come by yesterday and rototill it, but he didn't show up. I might wait and see if he shows up tonight, or just go ahead and soften up the soil by hand tools, and plant my things.

I also discovered that the area right beside the area on the beach we were planning on buying sand for, is sandy lol. I can't believe i never noticed it before. So i started clearing out the vegetation so it can be used as a real beach... plucking the trees that are growing in the water, and weeding the sand part so it's nice and clear. and picking up the glass and disposing of it.

my coffee doesn't taste all that great, so i'm washing it down with Caffeinated Mountain Dew. I should really go grab some caffeine pills one day, but i feel like it might be a little excessive every time i go in with the intention of buying it. Because my energy levels are high enough that i can function, and get things done, and keep the house clean... but some days i get so low energy that i can barely wade through my own lack of motivation and mental functionality to get anything done.

The boy loves living beside the lake. We've been going swimming everyday, and he gets so sad when i decide it's time to come back to the house. So what i'm going to do is get a lounge chair down there, and read my school book while he hunts for rocks and makes boats for ants and whatever else he does.

He's always inventing things for his baby cousin P. He invented a lego machine once that he called the something or other "Consistence Aperture" i dunno i can't remember, but it was intended to measure her while we're gone, so we'll always know how big she is. And he invented something to help her walk, and a boat for her. He loves her so much... i think he'll make a great big brother. Especially since the age difference is what it will be if we have one soon. His cousin M and he get along great, but they fight a lot because there's only about a year difference. 6 years difference, they'll still be kids together, but not have to share anything.

Yah this month has been prbly my best in a long while. For a couple of years now i had really given up on living for myself, because people were taking care of the living parts for me. I know that all i added was responsibility for the bills, and not for earning the money for them, and cooking and cleaning, and other household maintainance issues... i guess i added a lot of responsibility... i was about to get down on myself.

I am still not really ready to have a job yet. I'm hoping that my website design career will take off, and my company will make enough money to support my brother's and my families. GF will have her own income when she's here, i just hope that i don't end up not having one as well.

I think that i'd really like to get into drum making and painting. Sell on a litle paypal store... advertise on eBay maybe ... I'd like to make things, and making things that have potential for sale would prbly be best, since hitherto my own art has just littered my own home, and not really been anything that people would be proud to own... lol, i know i was never too proud of my own art. It was never the finished product that made me happy to be an artist, but the act of making something. the act of creation. And although i'm not the most passionate man at all times, i was always passionate about my art.

I think that the way that i want to live is to have a lot of activities that i enjoy doing, and that will produce an income, or at least has the possibility of producing an income. the garden is an investment in food... which will save money... that's almost as important as producing an income. GF also wants to get the woodstove my landlord has installed, and that's an investment in saving money on gas this winter. prbly save us hundreds of dollars. if not more, from what I hear about natural gas prices. I'd also like to look into solar power options, if we ever build our own house. I would prbly like to have a bchydro line as well, to run my computer off of, or in case the solar isn't 100% reliable or something. I dunno. I'd like to raise my own chickens for eggs as well, and have a greenhouse so i can have longer growing seasons to grow more of our own food. and some fruit trees, and a big deep freeze to keep berries and other vegetables frozen through the winter. And i'd also like to look into a natural source of caffeine that i could grow in this climate... either in the greenhouse or field.

this entry wasn't written in order, and i don't feel like going over to make sure it makes sense. since i'm the only one reading it anyway.
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