Cweth (cweth) wrote,

GF finally saw the lake house

GF was just here for two days... the first day was spent in the hospital getting a Cat Scan to make sure she wasn't having a stroke, and that kind of sucked, but it was also kinda good since she's been waiting months to have a Cat scan in Vancouver, and she got it here in one day. Even tho it was an incredibly long day. Today was great tho... we had a nice leisurely morning not doing anything in a hurry, and then we headed out to Salmon Arm, and i showed them some of my family's land that i've been considering settling on and off for years now, and then we went to a little beach and got out feet wet... no swimming cuz we forgot towels and change of clothes, but it was nice. then we went to Salmon arm and checked out a couple neat shops, and i bought some swimming shoes... since i live right on the lake now, i plan to spend a lot of time in the water... then we stopped for ice-cream on the way home... and when we got home, GF and her Dad and the Boy and I all went swimming... it was great. Swimming in my own backyard. And Having GF here was the greatest part
She left this evening, and after i put the Boy to bed i cried for an hour that she was gone. I love her so much, and miss her too much already. It was so good to have her here finally to see where she's going to live with us, and be a family again both settled into the same house... even officially, not just secretly lol.
Well... hopefully my heart won't ache for her this much for too much, because i have to wait another few weeks for her to come back.
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